About the Author

I’m a sixth form student studying English Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics at A Level. I’m passionate about both Science and Literature and aim to educate people about the connections between the two disciplines.

I was first inspired to think about the relationship between science and literature when I was reading H.G. Wells’ “War Of The Worlds.” It was and is one of my favourite novels and in my all time favourite genre: Science Fiction. When researching H.G. Well’s life I discovered, to my astonishment, that ‘War Of The Worlds’ directly influenced Robert H. Goddard to invent the world’s first ever fuel powered rocket. I was amazed and researched this idea, finding out that this is not at all uncommon. Since then I have been researching and reading up as much as possible on this connection and have created this blog to share my research and ideas.

I run a creative writing group as part of my ‘Physics in Fiction’ movement and may share some of this with you too.



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